No Two Trainings are EVER the SAME

Have you noticed that?

Have you noticed that you can have the exact same content, deliver it in the same way and, somehow, it is never the same training twice?

I have a couple of content series that I deliver quite often. I know my content. I live, breathe, and bleed it.

And yet….

It doesn’t happen the same way, ever.

As an extraordinary trainer, I get it.

It’s related to the participants in the room. They create the dynamics of how a training feels, how it happens, and how it is perceived by me and by them.

Sure, there’s also the ‘me’ factor.

I’m never the same person twice.

I mean, yeah, I’m still Leah R Kyaio, Trainer Extraordinaire.

But who I am in any given moment is influenced by what I was doing or thinking before this training moment. I am also influenced by what I ate – or didn’t – that morning or the night before. It’s about my mood, my focus, my perspective of the people for whom I’m presenting….

It’s about a lot of things!

But mostly,

         it’s about the participants.

You see, it’s different depending on who you’re talking to. It has to be.

That’s what it means to be extraordinary.

I gauge the room.

I negotiate with the space – where is it that I am most difficult to see or hear?

How is the sound system set up – will there be feedback, limitation by cord length or light, etc.?

I recognize the areas that might have dead air or where people might be outside of my eye contact.

As my participants filter in,

I note where they sit, who they sit with. I make polite conversation to get a sense of where they are today. There is sometimes a particular table that seems more distant – in steps or in people – and I wander to that area, try on the space.

I’m a wanderer when I train and facilitate.

I like to be among the learners, making eye contact, even physical contact as appropriate.

When I set activities into motion, I wander around the room, eavesdrop a little on conversation, make myself available for questions.

I love my life as a trainer.

Nothing gives me more fulfillment than the opportunity to be part of the learning experience of others; to watch the light bulbs go off on new ideas, new concepts, and new possibilities.

I feed off the energy of my learners.

I feel their excitement.

I note their confusion or questioning gestures.

I love their questions.

I revel in their pushback as they try on new learning and stretch to reach for the awkward practice.

With external processors, the room is filled with the energy of their query, their reaching, and their learning.

With internal processors, I give them the space and opportunity to collect their thoughts, to understand what they are learning and to step into new places with me.

These are just a few of the ways trainings unfold and participants show up.

This helps us recognize why it is we are never the same as teachers or learners when we engage in extraordinary trainings with extraordinary trainers and extraordinary learners.

This is our reminder that every training experience is unique.

I have confidence that each learning adventure is what those in the room needed most; what I needed most that day.

This is the experience of an extraordinary trainer. Living in the moment. Being our most extraordinary self today, in that training. It is guaranteed to be unlike any before it or after it.

No two trainings are EVER the SAME. 

For that, I am grateful.